What is self-care? Here’s what you need to know

Self-care is a term being widely used these days. Teenagers consistently use it. Girls want time for self-care to be healthy and happy.

Five dimensions of self-care

Before knowing the dimensions of self-care, we need to know what does the term self-care actually means. It doesn’t only refer to taking a bath or painting nails rather it refers to a certain practice that we can undergo every day at regular basis to calm yourself from daily pressures. These practices vary from person to person. For example, listening music might be a self-care practice for me, but for you, it might be reading or taking a bath. Following are the dimensions of self-care:

1) Physical dimension of Self-care

By physical dimension, we mean our physical care. For instance taking a bath, having facials, dancing casually, eating healthy food, etc. We can take a long steamed bath to relax. OE we can go to a parlor for facials manicures and pedicures. Or we can take our time to cook healthy for yourself instead if spending all time working for our families only.

2) Intellectual Dimension of Self-care

Learning has always proved to be beneficial for our well-being. However, we need to keep a balance between resting and giving time to learn. Learning might be reading a new book, listening to good music, getting know-how of a new language, etc. We can read any book of our choice whether fiction science or current affairs according to our taste.

3) Social Dimension of Self-care

Being social is widely used the term to get a depressing person out of anxiety.  Mostly by self-care people means getting into social interaction which includes family dinners, friends get together, some kind of workout, etc

4) Spiritual Dimension of Self-care

Spiritual dimension also helps in self-care. By following spiritual dimension, we can lead a more purposeful life. It doesn’t include religious practices only. However, it also includes a morning walk enjoying natural beauty relaxing yourself. Or it can be a yoga exercise for some time. Sometimes meditation exercises also prove to be beneficial.

5) Emotional Dimension of Self-care

Emotional dimension makes us get a complete know-how of ourselves, our friends and better overcome the problems in our life. We can do this by visiting a therapist. The therapist understands your situations and gives good advice which proves to be healthy for yourself. Secondly, we can write a journal. Thirdly if we learn to say no, we can get self-care much easier. By saying yes to everyone, you put yourself in a lot of pressure. Thirdly we can use essential oil etc.


After undergoing the dimensions of self-care, we can practice any one of these in our daily life to be calmer and happier. During break times we can make friends or practice yoga. Or we can read a good book at night or do some regular practice to relax. One important thing to keep in mind is that we need to be consistent in our work. Practicing all these dimensions will make your life easier, happy and satisfactory.